EPSRC Grand Challenge Network “Emergence and Physics far from Equilibrium”

Workshop on

Non-Equilibrium Processes at Negative Temperature

Collins Building, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow 23-24 October 2014

Negative absolute temperature states (above infinite temperature) were first suggested by L. Onsager in 1949 and have been the subject of scientific debate since. The workshop addresses the importance of negative temperature states in non-equilibrium systems and their role in UK and international research in Atomic, Quantum and Laser Physics.

Invited speakers:

  • Andrew Daley (Strathclyde, UK)
  • Martin Evans (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Magnus Johansson, (Linkoping, Sweden)
  • Roberto Livi (Florence, Italy)
  • Allard Mosk (Twente, The Netherlands)
  • Alessia Pasquazi (Sussex, UK)
  • Antonio Picozzi (Dijon, France)
  • Paolo Politi (CNR-ISC, Florence, Italy)
  • Benno Rumpf (Southern Methodist, Dallas, USA)
  • Ulrich Schneider (Max Planck Institute, Garching, Germany)

Workshop organisers: Gian-Luca Oppo (Strathclyde, UK), Antonio Politi (Aberdeen, UK)